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We have three categories of membership: Affiliate Member, Associate Member and General Contractor. General contractor dues are based on your company’s gross annual southern Nevada revenues. Affiliate Members are $1,000/year and Associate Members are $1,100/year. As a member of the AGC Las Vegas you are also a member of the Associated General Contractors of America and have access to all of the national-level benefits as well.

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Key Ratio Analysis

Upon completion of this seminar, the attendee will be able to better understand the “key” ratios and use this information to better negotiate with their banker, accountant, bond underwriter, and other financial professionals.

Major topics covered:  Utilize a “five step” key ration analysis plan to correctly interpret the financial condition of business….Improve ability to negotiate with financial professionals using the ratios…Review specialized issues in ratio analysis including Z-score and sustainable growth models.

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