Business and Corporate Services Outsourcing To Support Small-Medium-Business

AGCLV’s Business and Corporate Services Outsourcing’s Business and Corporate Services Outsourcing group assist businesses better manage their daily activities and responsibilities.

Together with our corporate secretarial and accounting partner, Startup Genie, we assist companies with the incorporation of their business in Singapore. From incorporation of the company into Singapore and ongoing corporate secretarial services, to Human Resources Outsourcing, Finance Accounting Outsourcing and Marketing Services Outsourcing.

The Business and Corporate Services Outsourcing group provide effective and efficient support for clients across all verticals in the business processes. These include Customer Service, Accounts Receivable, HR management, Finance, Marketing, Information Technology, Engineering, Project Management, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Non-Profit Corporations, Real Estate and Private Companies.

Strong and Competent Workforce Starts Here

The Business and Corporate Services Outsourcing services are committing to build a strong and competent workforce to take care of client’s business requirements. For outsourcing services in Singapore, communication skills is of top most importance for both the parties.

The communication skills required are mostly related to English communication. As the country that houses the multi-lingual population, English as a second language is also second nature of people here.

So, while hiring any offshore outsourcing firm, the organisations look out for individuals who speak different languages like English, Punjabi, Hindi, Chinese, Tamil, Marathi and many more.

We Simplify Payroll So That You Can Focus On What Is Most Important To You

Other important outsourcing service is payroll systems. Payroll systems are critical for every organization. This includes salaries, hiring, firing and other employee related activities. As payroll system involves proper calculation of employee earnings, this is the major responsibility of our corporate services in Singapore.

Our Services Offshore staffs are well equipped with knowledge and technology to handle the payroll procedures in the latest way. They have skilled manpower and highly trained professionals who can manage the payroll process.

They can calculate employee details, update and cancel their contributions, transfer the data from one employee to another, keep a track of their performance and handle various kinds of payroll related activities efficiently. Moreover, they are also involved in managing various types of benefits, special programs and insurance schemes, tax related works.

Corporate Secretarial Services To Keeps Your Company Complaint With The Singapore Law

Other outsourcing services includes the corporate secretarial function. This works as the main ongoing task and is generally outsourced by the MNCs. However, there are some SMEs which prefer to keep their own in-house secretarial department. But there are very high standards which have to be maintained for keeping a status symbol position. Therefore, it becomes very important to choose the right company for conducting the secretarial function for your company.

Business and Corporate Services Outsourcing are an extremely important task for any business. This keeps them away from problems like obsolescence of product, decreased productivity due to unavailability of essential staff or the change in working style etc. Therefore, it is very crucial for any company to keep their functions under control and managed effectively. With the help of the Business and Corporate Services Outsourcing we can do just that.

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