Best Mattress For Back Sleepers

In this article, we will cover the best mattress for back sleepers in 2022.

If you are currently looking for a mattress that is suitable for back sleepers, we have compiled for you 10 of the Best Mattresses for Back Sleepers.

We’ve listed the best mattresses for back sleepers below.

Best Mattress for Back Sleepers

Layla Sleep

Layla Sleep Mattress

Is Layla sleep suitable for those who sleep on their backs? Absolutely! Those who weigh under 130 pounds will find this firmness sufficient for back sleepers. Its zoned transitional layer provides additional support in the right places. In contrast, heavier people may experience discomfort when sleeping on the “soft” side. Those of you who fall into this category might want to consider a different mattress.

  • Those under 130 pounds should choose Layla’s “firm” side. Despite a thick pillowcase, the “soft” side offers ample support. If you’re heavier, the firm side will be more supportive.

  • Choosing the right side for your body type is crucial. A back sleeper will find that the “firm” side is sufficient. The transitional layer will give the stomach the support it needs.

  • There are two sides to the Layla. Those who sleep on their stomachs should choose the firm side, while those who sleep on their backs should choose the soft side. The mattress has a firm and a soft side. If you sleep on your back a lot, it’s important to choose the right mattress. A soft side can be uncomfortable, whereas a firm side is better for you.

Sweetnight Mattress

SweetNight Mattress

Three different types of foam, including gel memory foam, make up the mattress’ three-layer construction. Gel memory foam may not provide the same body contouring benefits as other types of memory-foam, but it does give you more room to sink into the mattress. Additionally, this feature helps wick away heat and keeps you cool, but you’ll only notice it on the side of the mattress with the memory foam.

  • Its CertiPUR-US certified foams are free from harmful substances, which is one of the benefits of SweetNight. The foams used in this mattress are free of volatile organic compounds, so they are safe to use. 

  • Prior to using the mattress, the manufacturer recommends allowing it to air out for 72 hours. Furthermore, a side sleeper’s wide body will press into the bed, so they should buy a mattress with additional padding.

  • There are many reasons why the SweetNight is a great choice. Its affordable price, soft material, and adjustable firmness make it a great choice for women with back pain. 


Amerisleep Mattress

Amerisleep is an excellent mattress for people who sleep on their backs. The hybrid design features a layer of dense polyurethane foam at the base and a 1-inch layer of supportive foam on top. Firmness provides proper spinal alignment and reduces motion transfer. It also provides excellent customer service. Customer service and product support are of questionable quality, even though the company has a “B” rating from the Better Business Bureau. 

  • Amerisleep AS4 mattresses have breathable top layers of Bio-Pur foam. Due to its open-cell structure, this material is great for back sleepers. Sleeping on the foam keeps your body temperature in circulation, keeping the mattress cool to the touch. Its bounce-back is excellent. 

  • There are nine mattresses from Amerisleep, each named after a specific sleeper type. Each mattress is rated according to its firmness level. AS1 is for side sleepers, and AS2 is for back sleepers. 

  • The AS5 Hybrid is the softest hybrid, but it is an excellent choice for heavier sleepers. The Bio-Pur(r) layer is two inches thick, and the coil system is eight inches thick. Additionally, it provides cooling properties to keep your body cool and prevent your spine from aching.

Nolah Sleep

nolah sleep mattress

The Nolah Original mattress provides adequate support for side sleepers. This model’s airfoam layer is soft and adaptable, targeting pressure points and preventing sides from sinking into the mattress. Those who weigh up to 130 pounds will find it ideal. For side sleepers who weigh over 230 pounds, the Original model might be a better choice. Nolah’s firmness levels are medium and luxury firm.

  • Sleepers who prefer to sleep on their side, stomach, or in a combination position will appreciate the Nolah Original’s contoured surface.This mattress may be comfortable if you weigh less than 130 pounds, but if you weigh more than that, it may leave you uncomfortable and aching in the lower back and neck. The mattress is recommended only for back sleepers, not belly sleepers.

  • The Nolah Original is ideal for back sleepers but may not be the best choice for stomach sleepers. While it is comfortable for those under 130 pounds, it isn’t as comfortable for back sleepers.

  • Nevertheless, if you’re heavy, the Nolah original is an excellent choice for combo sleepers. In addition to the responsiveness and cooling, the Nolah is great for side sleepers and combo sleepers.

Eco Terra Beds

eco terra beds mattress

Couples and people who have to share a bed should consider the Eco Terra bed. For back sleepers, this mattress combines coils with a buoyant latex comfort layer. It is constructed from a combination of two wire gauges and a non-toxic polypropylene fabric made from 100% natural Talalay latex. For stomach sleepers, it is firm enough.

  • It is important to consider your preferred type of mattress when choosing a mattress for back sleepers. Most models are designed for front sleepers, but the Eco Terra Medium is specifically designed for back sleepers. 

  • It has a three-inch layer of latex and is designed for side sleepers. This is crucial for a back-supporting mattress, and should be carefully considered if it is appropriate for you.

  • For back sleepers, an Eco Terra mattress is ideal as it uses organic latex and coils to reduce pressure points and align your spine. There is a three-inch layer of latex on the Eco Terra Medium, which is soft and conforms to your body shape. 


plushbeds mattress

A firm bed is recommended for back sleepers in order to prevent sagging. Maintaining proper spinal alignment while you sleep reduces the risk of waking up with a pain or backache. Plushbeds offer both Medium and Firm profile models for back sleepers. Those who sleep on their side and stomach and aren’t too heavy will benefit from the Medium model. People who are heavier may benefit from the Firm model.

  • PlushBeds are ideal for back sleepers due to their medium firmness. Medium-firm mattresses are the best choice for those who switch positions frequently. The layers can also be adjusted to your preference for the most comfortable firmness. 

  • You should choose a firmer mattress if you sleep on your side. The firmer the mattress, the less your back will sink into it. As a result, your spine will remain aligned. A medium-firm mattress will provide the best support for back sleepers. 

  • PlushBeds mattresses are firm enough to suit most back sleepers. The medium-firm mattress is perfect for people who sleep on their sides. A medium-firm mattress will support the back of those who snore.

Latex For Less Mattress

latex for less mattress

The medium side of a 9-inch Latex for Less mattress is best suited for back sleepers who weigh up to 230 pounds. It should provide a flat, even surface across the bed. However, if you are heavier or prefer a softer bed, you might need a larger mattress or a softer mattress.

  • A latex mattress should provide adequate support. Your torso and waist should be adequately supported by this mattress type. A seven-inch Latex for Less model should provide adequate support for someone weighing 230 pounds.

  • The 9-inch Latex for Less mattress is recommended for back sleepers who are heavier. Under heavier weights, the firmer side of the mattress should sag less.

  • Latex for Less mattress offers a 120-night trial period and does not charge shipping or restocking fees. It is also referred to as a back sleeper’s dream mattress. Its dual latex layers separate motion well. Its medium side is more comfortable than the firm side.


Naturepedic Mattress

Naturepedic mattresses are popular choices for people who like to sleep on their backs. The firmness levels of this brand range from medium to firm. Firmness is an important aspect to consider when choosing a mattress. The Naturpedic Chorus mattress scores 8/10 on the firmness scale, while the industry standard is 6.5. In addition, its GOTS-certified cotton cover promotes a healthy sleeping environment.

  • Mattresses made by the company are free of toxic chemicals and flame retardants. Organic cotton and wool batting prevent the unpleasant odor associated with new mattresses.

  • The Naturepedic mattress might be right for you if you sleep on your back. Fabric rips and tears are covered by its 20-year warranty. Despite this generous warranty, don’t expect your mattress to smell like new paint, which can be an issue.

  • Additionally, Naturepedic works hard to protect the environment. By using organic materials, such as latex, cotton, and wool, exposure to harmful chemicals is minimized. 


Happsy Mattress

Latex comfort layers on the Happsy provide contouring support, but won’t provide a deep cradle like memory foam. Therefore, side sleepers are likely to prefer softer mattresses. If you weigh less than 130 pounds, you might not need additional contour support. For light back sleepers who don’t require extra support, it may be a good choice.

  • The latex comfort layer is 2 inches thick. Rubber is a natural product that is made from the sap of the rubber tree. It supports your spine and relieves pressure. Spring and pocketed coils give the bed bounce. A heavier person can also rest on it comfortably.

  • A Happsy mattress is perfect for back sleepers because of its firmness and edge support. Happsy’s resilient latex won’t sink excessively, so it isn’t necessary to buy a larger size.

  • The Happsy is ideal for back sleepers, but is not recommended for stomach sleepers. You should be aware that the Happsy mattress is a bit firm for back sleepers. Medium firm is the best feel for stomach sleepers. You should consider adding a topper if your back is heavier.


GhostBed is a bed in a box that is less expensive than most. It may also be a good choice for stomach or hot sleepers, in addition to back sleepers. A well-known name in the online mattress industry, it offers multiple models, including the Luxe, Flex, and 3D Matrix. Your preference for a firmer mattress or a softer one is entirely up to you.

  • The lumbar region of a back sleeper should be properly supported for proper spinal alignment. GhostBed features a 1.5-inch firm top layer that conforms to the shape of your body while you are lying on your back. It is best suited for lighter individuals as it is softer than other mattresses.

  • GhostBed offers a 90-day risk-free trial so that you can check it out before buying. A mattress usually lasts between seven and ten years, and it is made of latex, which is more durable than other materials. It comes with a 20-year warranty, which is a great deal for a mattress that will provide comfort for many years to come.

  • GhostBeds are ideal for back sleepers. They are designed for back and stomach sleepers. It feels firm and medium firm. A high profile makes it a great choice for heavier individuals. Its firmness is ideal for back sleepers.

How Do You Choose the Perfect Mattress for Back Sleepers?

Selecting a back sleeper mattress requires consideration of several factors. The firmness level is an important consideration. Medium-firm mattresses are ideal for most people sleeping on their backs. You need to know what level of firmness your body needs, because different people require different levels of support. Additionally, if you’re heavy, you may want to buy a thicker mattress to avoid bottoming out during the night.

It is important to choose a mattress that is firm enough. For back sleepers, a medium-firm mattress is recommended because it supports the natural curve of the spine and prevents the hips from sinking too deeply. Combination sleepers will benefit from a mattress that is more responsive. If the person is heavier, a firmer mattress may be better for them. A softer mattress may be more suitable for lighter individuals.

You should consider both the thickness and firmness of the top layer of a hybrid mattress. You should choose one that is comfortable for you. For back sleepers, a thin, firm, or medium-soft mattress is better than one made of high-density foam. The comfort layers of a hybrid mattress are also important. Your bed shouldn’t be too hard or too soft.

Is It Better To Choose A Firm Or Soft Mattress For People Who Sleep On Their Backs?

A firm mattress is the best option if you sleep on your back. You can follow some general guidelines for firmness, even though it’s a personal preference. Learn how to determine your own preferences in this article. It is also possible to compare firmness ratings on different mattresses to determine which is right for you. Choosing the right mattress can be a challenge. You’ll have the best sleep of your life.

Firmness is the most important factor to look for in a mattress. For people who sleep on their backs, a medium-firm mattress is a good place to start. As a result, the lower back will be aligned and any pressure points relieved. Additionally, a firm mattress with a memory foam layer will relieve pressure on the neck and shoulders. Medium-soft or soft mattresses are best for stomach sleepers.

A firm mattress can prevent your lower back from collapsing if you suffer from back pain. It will also ensure that your weight is evenly distributed. If you are a light sleeper, a soft mattress would be better for you. Those who don’t like firm mattresses and are lighter in weight should choose a soft mattress. A soft mattress might not compress as much as a firm one.

Final Thoughts On Picking A Mattress For Back Sleepers

While price is always an important factor, there are some final thoughts on picking a mattress for back sleepers. 5.5-7/10 is an ideal firmness for most back sleepers. A mattress with the right firmness will be more comfortable for your back, but you should also consider its durability and comfort. If you have back problems, some mattresses may be comfortable for your partner, but could cause discomfort for you.

If you sleep on your back, you should choose a firmer mattress than one that is softer. To keep your spine aligned, you will need the right amount of support. Select a medium-firm mattress that offers just the right amount of support. Make sure your mattress is not too firm or too soft, as either of these two factors can cause pain after a few nights.

You should choose a mattress that is the right firmness for you. If you sleep on your back, the mattress should be medium to firm. A medium-firm mattress offers the perfect balance of support and comfort. The mattress evenly distributes your weight and relieves pressure points. You should, however, consult your partner before purchasing a mattress for back sleepers. Look for a medium-firm mattress if you can’t decide on the firmness on your own.